The Waiting Game

I understand how difficult it is as an actor waiting for auditions. You might see other actors getting more auditions than others; it may be because they have a more commercial look. What it comes down to, you have to trust your agent is advocating for you. If the trust isn’t there, then it might be time to get a new agent.
Rest assured my actors, I am on the breakdowns from morning until night. I also have a very dedicated team that helps out when something comes up, for instance, like moving for the 7th time in the span of a year. When was the last time you have checked your profiles, and are they current? It is your job as an actor to keep your photos and profiles current, that allows us (and me as your agent) to hustle you in and take advantage of opportunities as soon as they are available. The actors that have current up-to-date head shots, resumes, reels and slates are usually the ones that get continuous auditions. If you are an actor that switched agencies, you need to update everything on breakdowns, including the slate.
Being an actor is difficult and you must really be dedicated and have a passion to be successful. The challenge is paramount for teenaged female actors- probably the most difficult age range for females in the industry. There are not many auditions for you. Mainly because casting directors want an 18-year-old female to play teenage roles for a variety of reasons. #1 reason is because they can work longer hours than a younger minor adolescent. Another challenge is your physical stature; if you are tall, you can’t play in a younger role. It comes down to this: all agents submit you for the same roles. The agents decide based on head shots, resumes and experience. It’s kind of like Tinder, but for acting roles.
                “No, No, No… hmm, Yes…”
If you are that ‘Yes’, and be willing to ask questions. The truth is sometimes you have to wait for a part that fits your character. In the meantime, you should be training at a reputable school, community theatre or participating in indie films. ‘Practice makes perfect’ is not a redundant phrase, especially when it comes to being an actor. There is always room for improvement, and gaining experience/knowledge.
The first step is showing up. If you are not involved in the visual arts community, and you are sitting on the couch hoping something will come to you, you will not be brought in by any casting director for an audition.
I highly recommend reading the book, “Actions: The Actor’s Thesaurus” by Marina Calderone. She has great tips, tricks and suggestions that will help you with every action and every beat. Her tips will make you marketable as an actor, provided you follow her advice. There is also an app you can download on your mobile or tablet device for instant access.
Acting after all means, ‘to do’, so what are you doing?

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