Your Goal Is To Be Shortlisted

Remember how I remind actors to put up their slate shots and how important it is to update their profiles? I met with a few of my casting director friends in Toronto to walk me through their step by step process so you guys can get a better understanding.  Even with a deferred paid job there were over 3,000 actors applying. Your profile needs to be top notch. 

Casting goes off of first impressions. They would categorize each person directly from their headshots. That’s why they are so important!  You need to create an image that really POPS! Sometimes in their first, large group of considerations, they would be narrowing down 1,000 submissions for a role to about 70 candidates. Then they would go through and really watch the slate shots (this is so why it’s important to have it up), then they would take a quick look at their reels and look at their other headshots. From here, they would narrowed the pile to about 25 per role. Then the casting directors would go into take a deeper look at the actors reels, watching more scenes and really analyzing if we saw them as the character or not, narrowing the pool to about 15-20 per role. Sometimes even less. That’s why it’s important to have all the key components in your profile. As an actor your goal is to be shortlisted. 

Things To Keep In Mind With Casting Submissions

1) Have a killer HEADSHOT that makes you stick out and look professional. No trees in the background, or brick walls.  BRANDING is important. Think about your brand when you do your headshots. 
2) REELS should match your brand. Don’t do a funny reel with a dramatic headshot. That just doesn’t match.  Remember your reel should not be about other actors it should be about your acting and your brand only. 
3)SLATE SHOTS are free and you reap benefits from it. 

 “Slate shots are the 5-7 second clips that you can attach as part of your headshot that casting can see right from their breakdown thumbnails without having to click on your profile individually. Actors with slate shots DO go to the top of submissions; with that being said, make sure your slate shot matches the essence of what your headshot is telling us. If you are submitting for a fierce politician, make sure your slate shot matches that.  Actors with a slate shot + reel are at the top of the submissions, followed by actors with reels only, then actors with slate shots only, and then lastly, actors with no slate shot or reel.”

Some Key Modeling Tips To Keep In Mind For Print Work From Aileen Images

Three tips for models starting off in the fashion or photography industry; Modeling can certainly be difficult especially when you are first starting off, today I am going to provide you with three tips to keep you confident, and feeling fabulous in front of the camera.

Find your Light

When you’re a new model, sometimes walking onto a photography set can be a little intimidating. Flashing lights, umbrella lights etc. The key is to Find you Light, depending on what you and your creative team have planned for the photoshoot work on angles, ask yourself questions like, What do we want to highlight and what do we want kept in the shadows? Stuff like this will help you and your photographer achieve the image you are after. The same works for outdoor photoshoots facing towards the sun or away, the photography team may also use reflectors to bounce the light on certain areas, work with the light.

Acting Natural- Working with your Photographer

It is really important to work hand in hand with your photographer, normally a meetup or conversation with them at first to get on the same page about the upcoming concept, once comfortable and the day of the photoshoot commences it is extremely important that you work with your photographer, set the scene for the concept, don’t be afraid to approach the photographer and ask to see some of the photos as you progress through your photoshoot. It’s important to see your own progress and to see what does look good on camera and what does not look good on camera. The more comfortable you feel with your photographer the more natural your movements and poses will be.

Practice Posing in the Mirror

Great way to increase your experience and may seem a little vain, BUT practicing in the mirror at home is a great way to increase your confidence in yourself as well as your posing experience, even using lamps at different angles to Find your Light, looking through fashion magazines and mimicking the poses are great ways to boost your self esteem and confidence to start booking more!

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