Self Tapes-Just do it!

Been seeing some amazing self tapes. Many actors can get callbacks from them or book directly from them. What are some things to keep in mind when doing a self tape?

Step 1: Find a color background or wall. Color stick outs. Black and white can wash you out on camera. You can always go get some material from the fabric store.

Step 2:  Lighting is important. If the director can’t see you act. They probably won’t give you the job. Let us see your pretty faces and your acting chops!

Step 3: A good camera and sound is important. There are always resources around if you don’t have have these things. Make friends with actors that do or friends that aren’t actors or go to a coach. Be resourceful. Again if  they can’t see or hear you. You probably won’t get the job.

Step 4: On camera auditions are as important as go to auditions. These are not optional. Do not make excuses for not getting them done. IF one of my actors can do it on a vacation outside of a jungle and can get a job….Just do it. But since you’ve already done the other steps before this step …You knew that,  didn’t you?

Step 5: Memorize your script. You are professional actor.

Step 6: Get a reader that is the right gender for the role.

Step 7: Please don’t wear something like this.

Yes. Avoid patterns. Black and white wardrobe.

Also don’t wear RED! No matter how hot you think it makes you look. DON’T DO IT.

Step 8: Follow instructions. Every video audition usually requests something different. Make sure you read the instructions and if something is unclear ask your agent. Usually, slate instructions vary per casting director or producer. If they don’t request a slate. Don’t do it.

Step 9:  Frame. You should be in the centre of the frame with the bottom of the frame at the centre of your chest and the top of the frame slightly above your head. Don’t try to go all artsy fartsy on me. I know you guys want too!

Step 10:  Tape your scenes individually or just flow through them. Don’t edit fancy transitions. They want to see your acting ability…not your editing ability.

Step 11: Take your time. Allow yourself to capture your best work. Come across as natural as possible. Don’t act. Be.

Step 12: Book part. If not, don’t think about it and focus on your next audition. Remember if you show them excellent work on your selftape they will be more inclined to bring you in for in person auditions.

Hope this was helpful this morning! This is what happens before your agent has coffee. She rants about useful steps!

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