2018 Acting Tips

2018 is here! Are you ready to work hard? Are you determined?  You really have to make sure you really want to be an actor. Being an actor is one of the hardest jobs.  It’s a really hard road if you don’t. There is loads of rejection and you really have to believe in yourself and work hard for it. 
Be brave about rejection and remember it’s not personal. It is necessary.  It usually means that you need more training when you don’t get the job whether it’s audition techniques or just in general. With every rejection you learn from it.  Remember being an actor is a vocation. You are going to get people saying no, so what? Fail. Fail again and keep going. Go to all your auditions. Build your portfolio. If you can’t do anything else it means you are an actor. 
Going to start with some tips that would hopefully inspire you to what you want to achieve as an actor.  Since it’s 2018  I decided to do 18 tips.  
1) Have an audition journal. Write down what you thought went well and what you thought didn’t. Make a note if you got the job or not. You may start to see a pattern of what works for bookings and what doesn’t. Monthly go through it with your agent and start working towards your goals.
2) Tom Hiddleston chats about how actors are like anthropologists. They are sort out there. They are digging away at a mind chart of collective emotions of human beings. The present, the past and history. The actors have to bring back their findings.  Think of different characters in shows and breakdown the characters. This will help you with auditions and projects. It will bring more depth to your roles.  Have a character notebook and start breaking down roles. What can you bring to different characters? Even go to a coffee shop or a bar. Really watch people.  Take notes. Not for very long though cause that might get weird. Watch people’s mannerisms. 
3) Work with directors as much as possible. 
4) Practice memorizing lines so it becomes effortless. Then you could put more work into your character rather than focusing on memorizing.
5) Train. 
6) Work on special skills like accents. 
7) Think of what your brand is. What characters can you play? Do you look Russian? Could you play this character? Maybe it would be a good idea to work on that particular accent. 
8) When you figure out what characters you play make sure you get head-shots that illustrate this. If your head shots don’t display a character how would that director think you would fit that role.  Head shots are your golden tickets.
9) Read scripts. You are an actor. 
10)  Watch films that were filmed in Canada and Canadian TV shows. Figure out who the director is and notice what he/she is looking for within the characters that you can portray. Take notes and you will see a pattern. If you get an audition for a show or movie with the director you studied you can bring those notes into your sides and character. You know exactly what the director is looking for in a character and you can portray that accordingly. That can help you get a job. Every director has their own style. Study. Study. Study. 
11) Do your size card on casting workbook and breakdown. Sometimes you can be hired directly if you fit what they are looking for. They can search it. If you are missing something it basically means you could be missing out opportunities.
12) Do your slate on Breakdowns. ONLY say just your name.
13) Demo reel should be up on casting workbook and breakdown. Make sure your material is professional. Bad material could harm you from getting an audition.
14) Prepare for pilot season. If you don’t have your demo up on the breakdowns by February you will get less auditions. Be prepared to do self tapes. Check out this link to view some self tapes:
15) Don’t be afraid to talk to your agent to discuss your career and goal. I know I can always make myself available for my roster.
16) Take the time to update your profiles. Make sure everything is current.
17) Go to networking events. Meet people in the industry. Apply the 15 minute rule. Don’t over talk. Introduce yourself, who your represented by and maybe a bit more. Then leave. 
18) Love yo self.
Keep working for your dream. 
Lisa Meuser
Talent Agent

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