1) Find a pair of cozy fun socks. Don’t go plain Jane on me.
2) Watch a new film and study the acting in it. Maybe even learn a scene from it. For women roles I highly suggest watching Battle of the Sexes. Emma Stone performance is amazing and for the men I would watch Downsizing with Matt Damon. Both current and strong performances. I really enjoyed just watching the films too. 
Battle of the Sexes Trailer

DownSizing Trailer
3) Start an acting blog. Show people what training your doing, what plays your doing and talk about the work. 
4) Go to the gym. I don’t care what size you are but what if there is a running scene and you can’t run. YIKES! 
5) Do an acting workshop in your hometown or better yet travel to one. Keep your training current. The good thing is that training is indoors and you can wear your cozy socks. 
6)  Gear up for pilot season and rehearse some scenes. Get ready for self tapes. There will be lots if you have your portfolios in full gear. Demo or footage on your breakdowns are key.
7) Breakdowns are slow. Relax. February is coming. Be prepared for a busy season. Get an agenda and a calendar. Color code. Block off self tape deadlines. Self tapes don’t mean optional auditions. It’s just like going to one in person. Make sure you find some reading buddies that you can call up. If you need a male reader make sure it’s a guy and if your reading with female characters make sure it’s a girl. So make sure you have a few buddies.
8) Make sure you set some time aside so you and your agent can review your profiles before February. Take notes and really listen. Make sure you do this before pilot season. When working L.A. hours and regular hours February gets crazy and we are focusing really hard on pitches. Do it during the down time.
9) Go see a theatre show. Go see people act and see what inspires.
10) Get more than one pair of fuzzy socks. Canada’s winters are long. One pair of fuzzy socks just won’t cut it.
Hope these tips get you out of these winter blues. Remember…PILOT SEASON IS COMING. 
Lisa Meuser
Talent agent

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