Creating Content-10 Steps To Not to Sit on The Couch and Act


Many actors believe that auditions should always be coming to them if they have an agent. An agent can pitch an actor based on whatever they have accomplished for their resumes and portfolios. If you have no training and barely any film experience it’s very unlikely that casting directors will bring you. Why would they? So what do you do? Binge and watch Netflix on TV wishing that could be you on your favorite show…NO. Don’t do that. Start creating your own content while your training. Here are 10 steps to create your own content.
1) Create a blog and talk about the work you have been doing. It’s nice for casting directors and producers to look you up and see that you are a working actor. Do it once a week. Get an agenda and make a specific date to write it. That way you can stick out your writing schedule.
2) Think of something creative to do once a day. You are a creative person. It is what fuels your soul. Learn a new song. Write a poem. Memorize a new scene.  Just do something.  Don’t eat a bag of chips.
3) Waiting for that epic scene for your reel but still didn’t get that role? Write one or get a writer to write you one. Film it.
4) Join some sort of actors group. Improv and community theatre. Heck, even create your own. Get a group of friends together and study scenes.
5) Do Karaoke. It’s fun. Even if you can’t sing.  You could always rap. Gangster Paradise is my jam.
6) Go to film festivals. It’s a good place to meet producers and directors.
7) Do student films. They are future producers and directors. You can apply on casting workbook. Student films through legit schools use proper equipment and can be good for your reel.
8) Get involved with voice acting. Look for local podcasts or community radio to get involved in. 
9) Attend the monologue slams. Perform or support local actors.
10) Keep working. 
Just some steps to keep you on your toes.
Lisa Meuser 
Talent Agent. 

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