Finding Your Creative Tribe

Being a creative person isn’t an easy thing. So many people tell you that it is impossible, and every time a person says that, a fairy dies… I’m kidding, I don’t believe in fairies.

It is so important to surround yourself with positive people that will encourage your crazy artistic ideas; whether it is a short film, a podcast, a creative painting or a travel blog. When you surround yourself with beautiful people, the creativity flows and you’re inspired. You become a better person because of it. You want to be with people that support your dreams. In a sense, you want to find your muses.

Again, the creative path isn’t an easy one, but you have to do what makes your heart full. Sometimes even family can be a negative influence. I remember a time when I went to go watch one of the kids I represented in a show, and her father turned to me and said, “She is just doing theatre for fun. This isn’t what she is really going to do. She will get over this hobby.” I almost died right there and then. My whole mission in life is to make artistic careers possible, and when someone just bluntly says, “Nope!”… A fairy died then. I turned to the father and said, “Anything is possible,” and smiled.

I am so fortunate to have a group of friends that support me in all my crazy projects. Some people may think, why would you make a zombie movie if there is no money involved, and others would be like, why would you make a zombie movie? My tribe are the ones that say, “YES! MAKE A ZOMBIE MOVIE!”

Be with people that support you. When you are surrounded by positive people you are more motivated to create and act. Being an actor is honestly the profession of being rejected. You may get hundred “Nos” before you get one “Yes”. To be fair, being any sort of artist is the profession of being rejected. That’s why having a group of people who support you is very important. Get rid of the negative scum and sweep it away. Life is too beautiful and full of art to even bother with people that don’t support you

The truth is: be true to yourself and don’t let ANYONE tell you what you can’t do.

 Also, I do believe in fairies.

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